Kinetic Study of Hydroisomerization of n-Decane using Pt/SAPO-11 catalysts

  • Hayder Abdulkareem Aljandeel
  • Hussein Qasim Hussein
Keywords: SAPO-11 catalyst, Isomerization, n-Decane


The hydroisomerization of n-decane was studied on SAPO-11 catalyst. Catalyst of 0.25wt.%Pt/SAPO-11 was prepared locally and used in the present work. The hydroconversion performed in a continuous fixed-bed laboratory reaction unit. Experiments of n-decane isomerization were performed in a temperature range of 200 to 275°C,LHSV range of 0.5-2 h-1, and hydrogen to decane mole ratio of 2.1-8.2. The results show that the n-decane conversion increases with increasing temperature and  decreasing LHSV , the maximum conversion 56.77 % was achieved at temperature 275°C and LHSV of 0.5 h-1. The kinetic of n-decane isomerization was also studied and the reaction was first order. The kinetic analysis also showed that the activation energy equal to 61.1137 kJ/mol.

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Aljandeel, H., & Hussein, H. (2018). Kinetic Study of Hydroisomerization of n-Decane using Pt/SAPO-11 catalysts. Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 19(3), 11-17.