Authors who published document(s) in the Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (IJCPE) must promptly inform the editor-in-chief of IJCPE if they they found any part that requires immediate correcting. Below are the cases of corrections that may conducted in IJCPE:

Before publishing: The editor(s) of Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (IJCPE) sends a proof (PDF) of the accepted manuscript to the  corresponding author, this is for final check from author(s) before proceeding with the publication process. The author(s) can inform the editor of IJCPE in case there are any additional corrections/amendments required on the accepted manuscript.

Post Publishing: Editorial board of IJCPE encourage all authors to conduct the corrections before publication. However, IJCPE editor(s) will take into consideration the requests of corrections from corresponding authors for any published document in case they will seriously affect the scientific content of the published document.