Plagiarism is defined by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) as an attempt to misattribute original authorship or copying text, illustration, ideas, intellectual property or any materials that are related to other other(s). Most common plagiarism can be occurred when someone cut and paste a text have been without a clear attribution.

Also, re-use or recycling some parts from previous publication of author(s) is considered as a self-plagiarism. When author(s) re-use any published materials (whether from their own published materials or belong to others), appropriate citation and attribution is very important to avoid any misleading perception of unique contribution for readers.   

Therefore, all submitted manuscripts to Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (IJCPE) must adhere to ethical requirements to protect the integrity of the scholarly record.

IJCPE is used Turnitin software to detect the similarity index of all submitted manuscripts to the journal. As a guide, no more than 20% similarity is accepted for submitted articles.

The journal committed that all information related to the papers are kept preserved and not disclosure until it confirmed by the authors and the editorial board.

Editorial board will not take advantage of the information included in rejected or unpublished papers.