Permeability Estimation for Carbonate Reservoir (Case Study/ South Iraqi Field)

  • Samaher A. Lazim
  • Sameera M. Hamd-Allah
  • Ali Hussain Jawad
Keywords: Permeability, Carbonate reservoir,Mishrif Formation, GHE.



   The heterogeneity nature of carbonate reservoirs shows sever scattering of the data, therefore, one has to be cautious in using the permeability- porosity correlation for calculating permeability unless a good correlation coefficient is available. In addition, a permeability- porosity correlation technique is not enough by itself since simulation studies also require more accurate tools for reservoir description and diagnosis of flow and non-flow units.

Evaluation of reservoir characterization  was conducted by this paper for Mishrif Formation in south Iraqi oil field (heterogeneous carbonate reservoir), namely the permeability-porosity correlation, the hydraulic units (HU’s) and global hydraulic elements (GHE) methods depending on Reservoir Quality Index(RQI) concepts.

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A. Lazim, S., M. Hamd-Allah, S., & Jawad, A. (2018). Permeability Estimation for Carbonate Reservoir (Case Study/ South Iraqi Field). Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 19(3), 41-45.