Kick tolerance control during well drilling in southern Iraqi deep wells

  • Nagham Jasim Al-a'ameri
Keywords: gas kick, killing operation, kick tolerance, drilling control, casing setting depth.


The importance of kick tolerance in well operations has recently increased due to its implications in well design, in drilling and well control. To study a simple method for the application of kick tolerance concept in an effective way on the basis of field data, this research purpose is to improve knowledge about Kick Tolerance and represents a technical basis for the discussion on revision of standard procedure.

   The objective of this work is to review and to present a methodology of determination the kick tolerance parameters using the circulation kicks tolerance concepts.

   The proposed method allows to know, to evaluate and to analyze the kick tolerance problem in order to make the drilling execution safer and more economical by reducing the probability to have an incident.

   The calculations of presented methodologies were based upon calculated input values such as ppore and pfrac. and not upon measured leak-off test and RFT (less accurate) input values as in traditional methods. The paper also analyses the calculations not with KT parameters only, but it has continued to give the killing operation procedure to such high pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells.

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